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This solution has not only helped me alone, it has also helped over 800 other women that I have shared it with so far since we started this platform and I will show you right here how it can help you too.

The solution did not only restore my monthly period to normal, it also brought back my ovulation and made me become a mother when I and everyone around me have lost hope!

And since I started sharing it with other women, it has helped over 800 of them achieve the same result like me.

See the pregnacy testimony someone shared with me this last September below;


The above scan report confirms pregnancy with TWINS in less than 90 days of making use of the solution. This was sent in by a lady that has been married for over 6 years with serious pressure from mother-in-law and family members. Can you imagine the level of her happiness when she got this report?

I Always Cried Every Month 

Whenever it’s time for my monthly period and it does not come, I always feel so sad. I have been told by several doctors my husband and I have visited over the years that for me to be able to get pregnant, at least, 2 things but be in place and must be in order;

  1. My monthly period, and
  2. Ovulation

They also told me that without the period being in good standing, it will be difficult to be able to calculate my ovulation time. And if there is no ovulation, then it will be nearly impossible to conceive.

What else could be worrisome for a couple who have been married for years other than the lack of children?

We tried all sort of drugs to even get my monthly period back in order but all to no avail.

At times, when I use any drug or take injection to force it out, I will bleed for several days with serious pains and heavy clots of blood coming out.

It’s always embarrassing to the extent that I always take off from work most times.

In our bid to find a lasting solution to this problem, I became even more confused when I was asked to carry out all the fertility tests in the general hospital to find out what exactly the problem was with my fertility condition.

All the test results came out fine.

No fibroid, no scar tissue, no cysts, no tubal blockage, no endometriosis and no any of those things was found.

This even made my husband to have faith that I am ok but we are still not happy because we do not know why my monthly period was going on and off and why I couldn’t ovulate.

The most challenging moments for me during the struggle were the times my mother-in-law would come around to abuse me and she would pretend not to let her son know about it.

At some point, I was really thinking of destroying maami (as I used to call her) because the pressure was getting too much for me to bear until my my friend, Chi, came to my aid.

Chi and I met during one of my visits to a fertility clinic someone recommended for me and my husband just about 8 months after we got married.

Chi, who got married 5 years before me, opened up to me about what she has gone through over the years.

So, we became so close because I like her doggedness when it comes to online researches.

Chi would always go online to search for new herbs, drugs and fertility clinics we could try.

My husband likes her too because he sees her as a very strong woman.

I am not really a computer or social media person. I am always on the field due to the nature of my job. So, I usually rely on Chi for new information about our case because Chi also used to suffer inconsistent menstruation and lack of ovulation too.

Her own husband has even been tested and confirmed to be fertile because he had to have a baby with another woman outside the marriage when his family pressurised him to try another woman.

The woman got pregnant in the first month of their relationship.

So, everyone came to the conclusion that Chi was the problem.

It was at this point Chi vowed never to stop searching and trying until she finds a solution to her infertility challenges. 

Maami came in one day when my husband travelled to spend about 3 days with me. In fact, these were the 3 worst days of life. I cried all through because maami was all over my case.

She called me different names and even asked me to pack out of her son’s house in order to allow another woman come in and bear children for him. 

It was at this point I had the intention of getting rid of this woman but I decided to seek the opinion of Chi first.

So, I put a call through to Chi the following weekend but was shocked with what happened next…

Chi was Pregnant!!!

When I called Chi to ask if we could see on that Saturday, she was happy and asked me to start coming immediately.

So, when I got there, I asked what the happy mood and the atmosphere in her home was all about. I have never seen her so happy.

She did not waste time in breaking the news…

‘I AM PREGNANT’ – she said to me with a very warm hug.

Haha!!! I asked her how come and she went straight inside to bring something out.

In fact, she intentionally did not throw away the test strip she used to confirm at home.

I told her that that may be misleading and she simply smiled.

She brought out a scan report that confirmed she was pregnant. WOW!!!

I bursted into tears immediately. It was a tear of joy for Chi mixed with sadness for my own self.

So, I asked her how come. What did you use? She did not even let me land before she brought out the package.

It’s a product she ordered from the US called MensesBalance.


menses balance

She said she was tired of sharing solutions that won’t work with me again because she was becoming uncomfortable with the fact that she has shared a lot of things with me that did not work.

So, she decided to test MensesBalance first and confirm it works before sharing with me.

At least, this sounds logical to me.

So, Chi told me how to order for mine too immediately and I ordered the same day.

But there was a problem…

While I was able to order for my own package too immediately, I could not get it in time because we ordered from the US too like Chi.

So, I had to wait for 2 weeks and also had to pay almost double the price for shipping down to my address in Nigeria.

I started counting down the days. In fact, I could not tell my husband at first but he noticed I suddenly became anxious at home.

Eventually, my package arrived.

This was a very happy day for me.

At least, if there was one thing I had going on for me, it was a strong FAITH that this, unlike anything I have used, would work for me.

So, I started using it following the instruction I got along with the package and just like magic, my period came the second month for the first time in about 11months. And it came with no pain, no excessive bleeding, no blood clot. In fact, no issues at all.

This time around, I felt like a real woman again in my life after several years of struggle. 

My husband was surprised and happy at the same time too. In fact he quickly gave me money to order for another pack of MensesBalance so that it would arrive probably before I would finish the current one I was using.

I ovulated for the first time in so many years that my husband also noticed it.

While Chi took MensesBalance for about 4 months before she got pregnant, I did not finish the second set my husband gave me money to buy before I got pregnant.

This was the happiest moment of our lives as a couple.

About 3 months later,  Maami suddenly became so nice to me when she discovered I was pregnant that she even came to me one-on-one to apologise for all she did.

She said she was just worried about her son and all she went through raising him.

Ha!, What choice did I have than to forgive her? So, I told her I have forgiven her.

And this platform came into existence

It was Maami that advised that since God has answered my own prayer that I should share this solution with as many women as I can.

So, I started sharing the information about MensesBalance on my whatsapp which is the only social media app I am conversant with.

A lot of women started contacting me for help.

Then, one of the women I helped get MensesBalance (who also got her fertility problem solved) introduced me to Plan B Wellness Nigeria Limited that (now because of having the ability to help thousands of women in Nigeria) went into partnership with the company that produces MensesBalance to research more about it and import the product in large quantity.

So, we created this platform together to be able to reach so many other women that need help.

For the past few weeks now, people have been able to order for MensesBalance and get it delivered to them same day or in a matter of 2-3 days maximum depending on where they are in Nigeria.

And we have been able to help over 800 women so far and still counting…

See another testimony someone sent to the MD of Plan B Wellness via whatsapp below;

mensesbalance testimony 1

See another one below;

This could be the end of your struggle too

We created this platform to help people like you have easy access to this unique solution that does not fail.

The only challenge is that we are not sure if you will able to get from the current stock we have because a lot of people are ordering for the products every day.

In fact, yesterday along, over 200 women requested for the product from our Facebook fan page. 

Many others are ordering from this page and the stock is going down on a daily basis…

MensesBalane is not one of those inferior herbal drugs you have used before.

MensesBalance is certified in the United States by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) as well as in Nigeria by NAFDAC and it will help you with the following conditions;

Lack of Ovulation

Painful/Excessive Bleeding

Blood Clots During Menses

Irregular Menses

Female Infertility

Premature/Early Menopause

And many more...

So, How Can You Get Your Own MensesBalance?

It’s quite easy actually…but before we will tell you how much it will cost you, let’s tell you what you will get when you get MensesBalance

Payment On Delivery

What this mean is, we will use our personal money to waybill your MensesBalance package to you without you paying for it UNTIL you see it before you pay for it! This option is only for those ordering from LAGOS, PHC and ABUJA. So, we are taking the RISK of sending this RARE solution to you before you even pay for it.

24/7 Customer Care Service

As soon as your order for MensesBalance, you will be attached to our special customer care service agents who will always be there for you all through the journey until you get your desired result.

Free Access to Fertility Program

With your purchase of MensesBalance, you get an instance access to our fertility monitoring program where you get to learn all the necessary things you need to know about menstrual health, ovulation and fertility.


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Place order for your MensesBalance package by sending the following information to our support line (08099666650) as SMS or on WhatsApp;

  1. Your full name
  2. Email address (if you have)
  3. Phone number
  4. The package you want (1 or 2 months)
  5. Delivery address (including your local government area)

You Are Covered By A 90-Day No Improvement Money-Back Guarantee

So, what are you waiting for?

If you have reservations ordering for MensesBalance, I can really understand and relate with it. 

You may be thinking this is another magical solution scheme.

Or may be you feel it’s too expensive or may be you just feel something is “off” about this offer. 

​I Understand. 

but one thing is for sure.

Lack of both menstruation and ovulation is the reason why a lot of women cannot conceive and that is endangering a lot of marriages.

When a marriage breaks as a result of infertility, no amount of money can restore it. 

Though, I don’t wish that for you. 

So, I will advice you to place an order for MensesBalance right away as you might not be lucky to get access to this offer even in 3 days time. 


Call, SMS or Whatsapp: +2348099666650