PCOS – Natural Treatment For Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

A major step in decreasing and totally eliminating the effects of PCOS and preparing the uterine lining is to take the PCOS Remedy Kit.

Making sure your body has all of the nutrients necessary is a lot easier when you are taking the treatment. No other forms of treatment for PCOS have the same effect.

Our PCOS Remedy Kit contains 100% natural health products that offer the following appropriately…

Chromium – This trace mineral enhances the action of insulin. Some studies have shown supplementing with chromium may improve blood sugar control.Foods that are high in chromium are onions, tomatoes, brewer’s yeast, oysters, and whole grains, bran cereals. Most foods contain little chromium, so supplementation may need to be considered. This is available in one of the products in the PCOS Remedy Kit.

Calcium and Vitamin D – Both calcium and vitamin D play significant roles in the health of many parts of the body. Where PCOS is concerned, calcium protects cardiovascular health. Vitamin D plays a role in glucose metabolism. Studies have shown that people with type 2 diabetes are often deficient in vit. D. A small study of 13 women with PCOS showed that 7 out of the 9 who had absent or irregular menstrual cycles, had a return of normal menstrual cycles within two months of being given 50,000 IU once or twice per week of vitamin D and 1,500 mg per day of calcium.10. This is a marked improvement! Of those 13 women, 5 were shown to be vitamin D deficient. Good food sources of vitamin D are cod liver oil, eggs, salmon, mackerel, tuna and whole fat yogurt or other dairy products. Vitamin D can also be obtained for free by sitting out in the sun for 15 to 20 minutes per day. Forget using sun block though as it will actually block the ultraviolet light that is needed to produce Vitamin D.

The warm sun helps your skin to create Vitamin D3 that is then transformed into the active hormone form of Vitamin D by the kidneys and the liver. In fact, by being out in the sun for just a few minutes a day, a woman’s body can create between 10,000 to 25,000 IU of Vitamin D. One of the products in Kit is 100% natural Seaweed Calcium Capsule that is readily absorbed into the blood stream for high efficacy.

The PCOS Remedy Kit also contains Herbs and supplements that promote hormonal balancing and support regular ovulation as shown below…

Essential Fatty Acid Supply – Eating essential fatty acids (EFA’s) helps you to lose weight, produce balanced hormones, and creates a healthy environment for conception. EFA’s have been shown to support hormonal balance and production.

Hormone Production – Helps to maintain proper hormone production and release. It also supports healthy insulin levels and liver health for hormonal balance support.

Oestrogen and Progesteron Balancing – The Kit works to balance the oestrogen and progesterone in the body, for a healthy menstrual cycle. It helps to balance the hormones, but does not contain any hormones itself. It is able to do this by nourishing and balancing the endocrine system.

Ovulation – The Kit will normalize ovulation in infertile women when used prior to ovulation. It has been found to be wonderful in aiding women with menstrual irregularities, improving timing of the entire menstrual cycle.

Oestrogen Metabolism – balances the hormones and aids in the breakdown of estrogen. Estrogen is a major culprit to many of the fertility issues women face today including PCOS. Unopposed estrogen has been shown to cause menstrual cycle irregularities and in more advanced cases, endometrial hyperplasia. Removal of excess estrogen is vital to overall hormonal balance in women with PCOS.

Inflammatory response – Because women with PCOS usually have low-grade inflammation constantly present in the body, it is important to support the body by promoting healthy inflammation response. Some foods are known to trigger inflammation in the body. If you have food allergies, avoid foods which you are sensitive to, they trigger inflammatory response. The Kit contains anti-inflammatory products that will help you over any form of inflammation in your body. order-now-button


Cost – N100, 000.00

Bank Name – First Bank PLC

Account Name – Plan B Wellness Nigeria Limited

Account Number –2032755141

Payment Notification Process 

For Cash Deposit in Bank

After making payment, send your Teller/Transaction Number, Full Name, Location (home or office address where you want the package delivered to), Email address and Amount paid to 08099666650. You can also send it to our email – consult@www.planbwellness.com

For Online Transfer

After making the transfer, send your Full Name, Location (home or office address where you want the package delivered to), Email address and Amount paid to 08099666650. You can also send it to our email – consult@www.planbwellness.com


  • Local Delivery

    All deliveries within Nigeria are FREE and packages are delivered 48-72hours after payment confirmation. We use courier services that deliver directly to homes and offices and in some cases, clients may have to pick up their packages directly from the office of the courier/transport service company nearest to them. Details of the delivery will be sent across via phone call, SMS, Whatsapp or email as the case may be.

    International Delivery

    International deliveries take 3-5 working days and it’s not free. Charges and amount to be paid will be communicated after we have been duly advised by the courier company.

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