If Infertility is Making Your Life a Misery...

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Dear friend,

The information you are about to have access to is so powerful that it will change your views about handling infertility forever.

You have been fed lies about infertility that only enrich the pharmaceutical and the medical world.

You have been told it's a complex medical case that takes time to diagnose and even more time to manage or treat. REALLY?

In fact, in many cases, you spend millions trying different drugs and procedures but all to no avail because the success rates of these drugs and procedures is so low that it is almost like gambling.

They work for few people and then disappoint a lot of the others.

What is Female Infertility?

Female infertility refers to infertility in female humans.

Infertility is caused by many things, including nutrition, diseases, and other malformations of the uterus.

Female infertility affects women from around the world, and the cultural and social stigma surrounding it varies from one place to another.

Of course, the stigma against women suffering from infertility is much more in Africa than any where else in the world.

  • Many women have lost their homes due to infertility

  • Many are called barren

  • Many have lost the love of their lives to other women

  • Many have lost hopes

This doesn't have to be you!

So many failed expensive IVF

Painful and sad miscarriages

Painful medical examinations/procedures

Expensive treatments that don't work

Expensive food supplements that don't work

So, Could There Be a Better Way?


But before we talk about that, let's look at the various common causes of infertility in women.

Medically, the following conditions have been found to be the cause of the different types and forms of infertility in different women;

  • Hormonal Imbalance

  • Intrauterine Adhesions/Asherman's Syndrome/Uterine Synechiae

  • Uterine Fibroids

  • Fallopian Tube Blockage

  • Menstrual Disorder/Irregularities

  • Ovarian Cysts

  • Eggs/Ovulation Disorders

  • Endometriosis

  • Unexplained Infertility, etc...

Clinical studies have also indicated that some of the above cases are interlinked to one another in such a way that a medical procedure or treatment to correct one may just be aggravating the other.

Also, while there are many drugs on the market that work for infertility, they all have side effects. Some of these side effects are dangerous such as increased risk of ovarian cancer with Clomid, Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome and so on.

Are you still wondering why many women are down and in some cases losing their lives due to some strange diseases these days?

Thankfully, there is a better and natural alternative!

No negative side effects

You can overcome infertility and get rid of whatever the cause is faster than you can imagine...

...using a medically proven and NAFDAC certified ancient Chinese herbal blend that has been used for over 3000 years but kept as a secret up until now!


Qinggong Pill (Princess Pearl)

(NAFDAC Certified)

Say goodby to;

  • Infertility, no matter the cause and for how long you have been battling with it

  • Gynaecological issues such as fibroid, tubal blockage, ovarian cyst, adhesions, endometriosis, hormonal imbalance, lack of ovulation, infections and so on

  • Get your monthly period back in order

  • Most importantly, get pregnant and carry your own baby

For decades, Qinggong Pill has been helping women set the stage for pregnancy, with thousands upon thousands of real customer reviews and testimonials to show for it.

Qinggong Pill supports female fertility on two fronts by combining fertility enhancing herbs along with its curative effects on infertility-causing challenges such as fibroids, tubal blockage, ovarian cysts, adhesions, ireegular period, anovulation, endometriosis, hormonal imbalance and many more.

Qinggong Pill is designed to promote hormone balance and menstrual cycle regularity.

Made with natural Ingredients that have been used for thousands of years (in the ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine) to help women with disorders such as the ones mentioned above overcome infertility.

Qinggong pill, also known as Guifei Bao is NAFDAC, FDA and HALAL certified and used today in over 80 countries around the world.

What's More!

Modern researches have confirmed that Qinggong Pill works and double-blind clinical studies put it through the strictest and most vigorous testing and have also confirmed it helps women conceive faster.

Below are just a few examples of the kind of results to expect:

My 7 years Ovarian Cyst Got Treated In 1 Month And I am Now Pregnant

I have had ovarian cyst for about 7 years and I could not conceive. I have spent a lot of money to the extent that I did not believe this Qinggong Pill will work for me when I came across it. To my surprise, I used it for just 1 month after which I went for scan and the Doctor confirmed that the cyst has disappeared. Presently, I am 3 months pregnant.

Mrs Olayemi, Akure, Ondo State.

60mm Fibroid Cleared and Damaged Womb Got Corrected

I had fibroid of 60mm pressing on my womb making the womb to turn upside down (medically known as retroverted uterus). I had undergone several medical procedures and treatments but all to no avail. Fortunately, I took Qinggong Pill for 3 months and it cleared the Fibroid. Not only that, my retroverted uterus was corrected and now I am pregnant.

Mrs Olayinka – Okitipupa, Ondo State.

I Regained My Monthly Period Just Within 1 Month After An Untimely Menopause For 2 Years

I had this vaginal infection for 2 years coupled with no monthly period. Due to this, I could not conceive. I have tried different treatments. One day, I searched the internet for solution and I came across this PIll. I called the contact immediately and made payment. I got it delivered in 3 days at Kano. I used the product just for one month and I regained my monthly flow. Not only that, the back ache that used to worry me disappeared and my period is now very regular. The next thing for me now is pregnancy.

Alhaja Semia, Kano State.

Got Rid of 80mm Fibroid

I have 3 children. It was during the pregnancy of my third child that I was diagnosed of fibroid. It grew to 80mm after the delivery. I have taken several herbal products both locally made and foreign but no result. I came across Qinggong Pill and was placed on it for 4 months. I went for scan after that and it was confirmed to me that the fibroid had cleared off.

Mrs Abiola, Ilupeju, Lagos State.

How Does Qinggong Pill Work?

Made with the Traditional Chinese Medicine theory, Qinggong Pill is an insertion pill specially formulated to treat and prevent gynaecological issues in women through its ability to detoxify, evacuate (unwanted substances/growths), regulate, rejuvenate and nourish the female reproductive system.

Qinggong Pill is a tamponized capsule (tampon) that contains many herbs that have antibacterial and inflammatory effects. It cleanses, controls, restores - therefore these capsules can be used in a number of gyneacological diseases.

We apply Targeting Treatment by putting the pill directly into the vagina for;

  1. The treatment and prevention of infertility-causing diseases/challenges
  2. Cervical cleaning to remove dead tissue and menstrual blood residues, get and rid of unpleasant smell
  3. Stimulating appropriate female sex hormone secretion to improve fertility
  4. Reconstruction of physiological reproductive organs functions to bring about improved fertility and support conception
  5. Reconstruction of the vaginal wall elasticity and vaginal sensitivity for more enjoyable sex for the couple
  6. Maintenance and restoration of the inner vaginal acid-base balance and natural microflora of the vagina and uterus to get rid of bad odour, smell and unwanted harmful discharges
  7. Achieving facial beauty: brighten pigmentation, spotless skin and wrinkle reduction are few of the external effects for using this pill.

The Ingredients that Make Qinggong Pill So Effective for Infertility


In traditional Chinese medicine, rhubarb roots have been used for thousands of years. The roots and stems are rich in anthraquinones, such as emodin and rhein which are used to inhibit the growth of cancer cells. It also has diuretic qualities, which help the body get rid of retained water, reducing bloating and swelling. Its anti-inflammatory properties also assist in shrinking fibroids in size, get rid of cysts, tubal blockage, adhesions and other related cases of unwanted growths and blockages in the female reproductive system. Rhubarb is also used to alleviate different cases of menstrual disorders and irregularities.

Dragon's Blood

Obviously, this is not the blood of real dragons. Dragon’s Blood is actually a resin, which is harvested from a variety of different plant species. The bright red pigment is what lends it the name Dragon’s Blood. It is effectively used to  suppress the over-secretion of oestrogen which is the cause of many infertility cases in women. It tackles menstrual pain and blood clots during menstruation. It is used both internally and externally to stop bleeding, helps heal wounds, and treat intestinal problems. According to www.drugs.com, there is no known side effect for this herb.

fructus cnidii

Also known as She Chuang Zi  or Cnidium Fruit, this herb has been proven to possess Antifibrotic, Cytotoxic and Anti-tumour effects and it is also used to treat painful menstruation. It increases sexual performance and sex drive in women. It also help in overcoming difficulties in getting pregnant by enhancing the production of quality eggs. fructus cnidii helps get rid of different forms of STDs and infections in women and it also increases vigour and energy level. 

Radix Sophorae Flavescentis

Used to treat chronic itching, seepage and bleeding, genital itching and vaginal discharge. It is also used to enrich the blood in case of excessive bleeding during menstruation, activate blood circulation, regulate menstruation and ovulation.


Known for its high nutritional value, its ability to remedy certain physical conditions and to stimulate certain types of hormonal activity, safflower is frequently used to induce ovulation. Safflower seed oil is also used to treat blood clotting and absent or painful menstrual periods in women.


Everything about Catechu is an herb. The leaves, shoots, and wood are used to make medicine. Catechu is used for diarrhea, dysentery, swelling of the colon (colitis), bleeding, indigestion, osteoarthritis, and cancer.

The above herbs and many more are blended together to make this highly potent pill which is made for the purpose of helping all women become fertile and healthy!

7 Healthcare Benefits of Qinggong Pill

Purification: Effective in preventing and treating gynaecological diseases.
Clearing and Detoxifying: This pill uses micro vacuum detoxifcation process to clear away dead cell, menses, toxin and waste accumulated inside the vagina, uterus and other reproductive organs and tissues. 

Removing Necrosis and Promoting Granulation: It restores the vitality of dying reproductive cells, promote glandular secretion, nourish the vagina and rough tissue in uterine neck, regain the elasticity and sensibility,  help to constrict uterus after giving birth, repair damaged birth canal, regain and maintain healthy tissue.

Postpone Senility: help to constrict vagina and regain vigour. Increase in sensibility and sexual desire, have you regain prettiness and upgrade your sexual quality, postpone menopause, relieve vagina dryness, keep sexual desire from decreasing and ease your mind.

Beautifying and Nourishing : improve and regain the usual physiological function of the reproductive organs, promoting blood circulation for removing blood stasis, activate reproductive cells , regulate  internal secretion, reduce and eliminate splash, whiten and smooth skin, make it  shiny, rosy and less wrinkled, bring out infinite charm of a woman.

Life-Preserving: the pill is efficacious in treating certain gynaecological diseases. If there is none, it has a function of prevention. After the period of menses, using one or two pills can help to promote metabolism, keep you healthy and vigorous, and easily be safe from gynaecological diseases.

Infertility: it has certain efficacy in infertility by balancing PH value inside the vagina and dredging Fallopian tube (blocked tube). It helps to balance reproductive hormones, enhance ovulation and support pregnancy.

How to Use Qinggong Pill

The pill is used by inserting it into the vaginal directly.


1. Don’t use if you are breastfeeding
2. Don’t use 3 days before menses, during menses and 3days after menses
3. Don’t use if you are a virgin
4. While the pill does not stop conception, you should stop the usage when pregnancy has been confirmed
5. Don’t meet a man when it’s in your vagina but you can meet when you remove it.

How Much Does Qinggong Pill Cost?

1 Pack (6 pills) = N15,000 N12,000

2 Packs (12 pills) = N30,000 N20,000

3 Packs (18 pills) = N45,000 N26,000


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How safe is this pill?

Thousands of women have used and still use this pill with no reported side effect so far.

For how long do I have to use it to treat infertility?

For high efficiency, 2-3months usage is always recommended depending on the underlying cause of the infertility.

If I don't suffer infertility, can I just use the pill for infection treatment or prevention?

Yes, you can. Using 1 pill per month keeps infections away from you and also keep your productive system intact.

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